About Us

About Strategy EconomicsThe founder of Strategy Economics is Matthew Lynn, an award-winning economic writer and commentator. From 1998 to 2011, Matthew Lynn was European economics columnist for Bloomberg News, and won the prestigious Society of American Business Writers and Editors Opinion Writer of the Year in 2011.

From the credit crunch to the sovereign debt crisis, he has consistently been ahead of the curve on the key issues facing the global markets. His most recent book – ‘Bust: Greece, the Euro and The Sovereign Debt Crisis’ accurately forecast the troubles in the eurozone, and was short-listed for the Spears/Citibank business book of the year award in 2011.

Matthew Lynn is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, for Money Week, and for The Huffington Post. He comments regularly on economic news for Sky News, the BBC, Bloomberg, LBC and al-Jazera.

He is backed up by an extensive team of economists, researchers and business experts.